illustration of energy plantWhile some people are debating whether America should pursue other forms of energy, the Department of Energy just awarded $4 million for geothermal research. This donation shows that the Department of Energy is ready to take steps towards alternative and more eco-friendly sources of energy like many other countries around the world.

The money is going to be used for six geothermal deep direct-use projects. The details of the project will be analyzed as it will help inform large scale studies. Data like the effec

ts the geothermal system could have on the earth and how the related technologies function on such a large scale will be under the microscope.

It should be noted that these projects will take place in regions like the Appalachian Basin, the Wassuk Range, and the Gulf Coast region in Texas. One major goal is to use this technology to extract geothermal energy from lower temperature sources.

The US does not have many hydrothermal regions to mine this type of energy, so it is vital that this type of research is completed to find a way to harness the energy in low-temperature regions, which are more common in the United States.

The possibilities regarding geothermal energy are endless. Many believe that it will be able to replace conventional district temperature control systems for hospitals or even military bases.

Hospitals and other similar complexes are usually referred to as large scale energy consumption complexes. Conditioning the temperature in these places is particularly difficult becaus

e the space exceeds 10,000 square feet. A place that large will need more than 120 million MMBTU’s of thermal energy per year. Geothermal energy can provide that energy without relying on traditional forms of energy.

The research will provide geothermal energy to large complexes in low-temperature regions because researchers are also interested in other aspects of energy use. Making energy consumption a little more efficient is another thing this funding is supposed to help with. One thing that is being explored is how to pair low-to-medium temperature geothermal fluids to low-to-medium end-users.

Finding a way to obtain this type of energy in all types of regions will give citizens in the United States clean and renewable energy. Providing renewable energy to the country and finding a way to halt human dependence on energy is important as it will prevent harm to the earth’s ecosystem.

Many states in the United States depend heavily on the jobs that were provided by industries like the coal or fuel industries. Of course, these regions of the country are fearful of change since it means that they may lose their jobs and security. Some believe it may be possible to replace the jobs, not eliminate them.

Society is changing, and businesses have to change with it, which explains the reason why so many companies and governmental agencies are investing in finding a reliable alternative source of energy than what is available now. Industries want to move away from energy sources that are not eco-friendly.

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