checklistFall is finally upon us, which means that winter is right around the corner. As a heater repair company in Enfield, we can tell you firsthand that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For that very
reason, we’ve put together a pre-winter checklist to help expedite your winter preparations:

  1. Central Heating: If you open vents near the floor and close those near the ceiling, your HVAC system will be able to give your home better air circulation, maximize efficiency, and save on heating costs! Also, make sure to test your furnace before the weather gets too cold, and replace or clean your furnace air filters. If your heating system is older than 15 years, consult one of our HVAC professionals to give it a checkup or consider investing in a modern, more efficient unit.
  2. Insulation: First, make sure crawl space is insulated and consider insulating your basement walls to save on heating costs and reduce common condensation problems. Make sure your attic insulation is at least R30, which requires a minimum of 12 inches of installation. Lastly, if your house was built before 1950, contact one of our HVAC professionals to see if it may be a candidate for cost-effective blown-in wall insulation.
  3. Attic Ventilation: Make sure that your attic insulation isn’t covering any ventilation vents in the eaves to prevent winter ice dams. Also, all of your attic vents should be free of plants and debris, and you should replace or patch any bird and rodent screens that have holes or loose corners right away.
  4. Cleaning: Sweep and vacuum under and behind your freezer and fridge to greatly improve its efficiency. Have your chimney cleaned and checked by a chimney sweep before you enjoy a cozy fire, and if you haven’t done so in a few years have your outdoor deck power washed and resealed.
  5. Exterior Walls: Check for mud trails, sawdust, and other signs of termite infestation. Any gaps around pipes and wires that go through exterior walls should also be caulked so no air can leak in or out. Finally, remove, drain and coil all garden hoses and turn off the interior cut-off valve for each outdoor faucet before opening them so that no stagnant water can freeze inside the pipe.
  6. Rainwater Protection: It’s incredibly important to keep your rain gutters clean at all times to avoid possible water damage to your home. Check every other week to ensure that fallen leaves aren’t clogging up gutters, downspouts, and exterior drains. Replace any rusty gutters with new aluminum or vinyl systems, and have your roof checked if you notice any signs of a leak or damaged shingles.
  7. Tools: Make sure that you have a working snow shovel and sidewalk salt on hand in the event of unexpected heavy snowfall. Also, ensure you install a winter cover over any window air conditioners, or remove the unit and seal the opening.

If you’re looking for a new heating system or you need a heater repair company to help you with a faulty unit, D&D HVAC has expert technicians standing by to help heat your home!